Monday, November 19, 2012

Unique Stone Tile Backsplash Ideas Put Together To Try Out New Colors And Designs

Experimenting with stone tile backsplash ideas is a great way of changing the look of the cooking or washing area!
Decorative Slate Stone Tiles Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash Ideas
Stone tiles are a great incorporation in home interiors, irrespective of what they are used for. Installing stone tile floors are the most common ways of adding the raw stone look to the house. There are various types of stone tiles which are open for selection and depending on their colors, finish and design; they can be incorporated in a particular fashion. Another extremely convenient use of stone tiles is to use them to create unique stone tile backsplash ideas. This is because; stone tiles are cheaper and have a variety in appearance. They are also more durable as well as naturally resistant to water.

Thus, if you are looking for stone tile backsplash ideas read into the coming up paragraphs and pick your favorite idea.

Exotic colored stone tile kitchen backsplash ideas
The most popular style of stone tile backsplash ideas used is, installing plain tiles on the backsplash. There are many shapes in which you could get these tiles cut, and then install them in a desired manner. Putting two or more types of stone tiles together, such as white marble or white porcelain with granite, limestone and slate, can give you the liberty to make color combinations on the backsplash. Shapes such as rectangles, inverted squares, circles, etc. are a few unique designs.
Stone Tile Kitchen Backsplash Gallery
Mosaic tiles are those that are created by assembling small pieces of stone and glass to make one main tile. Similar to the idea mentioned earlier, mosaic stone tiles are also a combination of more than one type of stones, to add versatility to any design. Using these tiles is one of the most popular aspects of interior decoration, as you can make the backsplash look colorful and stylish. This idea also gives you the chance of combining various stones of the same color, so that you have a variety of shades and stone tile backsplash designs for the interior.
Tumbled Stone Tile Kitchen Backsplash Design
The blend of stone and glass tiles has been used as an effective backsplash idea for many years. The stone tiles are usually placed in a horizontal or vertical manner, with small pieces of glass incorporated at regular intervals. If you have a tropical look to your home, with wooden floors or ceiling and beautiful colored cabinets, this combination of stone and glass tiles is definitely what your kitchen or bathroom needs. The glass tiles add a touch of elegance to the backsplash designs and the stone gives a stylish look to the countertops.

With these great stone tile backsplash ideas, hope you have made your choice! Give your kitchens and bathrooms a perfect look with these colorful stone tiles.


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