Monday, May 13, 2013

Best Ideas to Help You Choose the Right Living Room Color Schemes

There are a number of options while choosing the living room color schemes.

contemporary living room wall colors
"Which color scheme should I choose for my living room", is the question that many of you might want to ask. While working on the interior painting project, your interior designer will suggest you a number of color schemes and painting ideas, enough to confuse you. Living room is the most important area of your house apart from the exteriors which need to be well designed and decorated. While bedrooms remain the private area commonly designed according to individual choices, designing of living room always has mixed opinions.

So to ensure that you don't end up choosing wrong living room color schemes of your house, here are some useful tips for you.

Colorful Interior Living Room Color Scheme with Red Sofa
To start choosing living room color schemes, you can have a soft color scheme that creates a spacious and relaxing ambiance. Beiges, off whites, peaches and brown can together make a beautiful space. Light brown flooring, off white sofas, chocolate-brown throw pillows, dark brown furniture and beige walls with hint of dark brown can make one of the best living room color schemes.
Contemporary red living room color scheme ideas
If you were browsing through modern living room color schemes, then here's one for you. How about a color magic with vibrant shade of sage paired with white? If green sounds boring for you, then probably you have not checked out the images of green and white, green and gray living room. With a mix of green and white wall color combination, white furniture and a hint of gray added in accent pieces and even for the deep part of the walls and trims, you can have a wonderful space that looks bright and fresh. Light or darkest gray, beige and yellows can be added to play up the room.
Green Yellow Beach Living Room Color Schemes Design
A preppy purple can be the best pick to create fresh effect. Purple is a color that instantly pops up and keeps the space looking new for years. You can pair grayish lavender, gray, off white, white and taupe with purple to have unique living room color schemes. Try out!

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