Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Amazing Glass Tile Backsplashes Design to Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Here are some kitchen glass tile backsplashes ideas to beautify your kitchen.
backsplash glass tile and black slate floor designs
Kitchen backsplash is a prominent part of the entire kitchen decor. Having a backsplash in an impressive material and design can give a unique charm to the entire kitchen. There are many things like durability and ease of cleaning that should be considered when you choose material for the same. Glass tile backsplash is becoming much popular these days due to the amazing look it gives to the entire area. Glass tile backsplashes gives a wonderful look to the kitchen. The 'easy to clean' characteristic of this is what makes it so popular. Glass is not porous so they resist stains, mold, and mildew and you can easily get them cleaned with any detergent.

Given below are some glass tile backsplashes ideas to spruce up your kitchen.

Kitchen glass tile backsplash behind cooktop ideas
One of the elegant looking glass tile backsplashes ideas is to opt for etched glass tiles. There are a number of tile backsplash patterns and designs available in this category. You can have those with separate design on each tile or those which form a complete design when installed in a group of four. The mat finish of etched glass looks extremely beautiful. You can also go for the colorful stained glass tiles and have a lovely two-toned designer backsplash ready.
Stimmel Blue Kitchen Backsplash Glass Tile Pictures
If you are wondering how to create colorful glass tile backsplashes, glass mosaic are the answer. The glass tiles are available in a number of colors. So get tiles in different colors and use them together to create a beautiful mosaic, a lovely kitchen backsplash! You can consider various layout options for arranging the tiles for this backsplash.
Luxurious contemporary kitchen backsplash glass tile design
Painting the glass tiles is a cool idea. You can have small patterns painted using acrylic paint on each or alternate tile to have a classy backsplash. You can opt for stencils for perfection. One of the best glass tile backsplash ideas is to have etched glass tiles and further paint the design over them to have a great looking area.

Remember that choosing one of the above mentioned glass tile backsplashes ideas are definitely a smart idea. But remember to call an experienced professional to install the same to get the best results out of this delicate material. Also the grout needs to be sealed neatly and regularly. You must keep the grout clean to have a perfect looking backsplash. All the best!


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