Friday, November 9, 2012

Best Ideas For Painting Furniture That Merge Well With Overall Interior Decoration Of The House

In this post, we share with you some unique painting furniture ideas that will help you in this regard.

Purple paint color bedroom table furniture
One of the most interesting features of home decoration is to paint the furniture. Painting furniture is an excellent way of adding some freshness and vigor to the home decor. If you put in some of your creative ideas into it, the paint job can be a lot of fun too. There are many different styles of painting the home furniture. It can be traditional, contemporary, antique, etc.

Here, an important thing has to be kept in mind that the ideas for painting furniture should merge well with overall interior decoration of the house.

Exotic painted living room furniture ideas
For conventional interior decoration, traditional painting furniture ideas are the best. You can keep the basic color as black and make the detailing work in gold, red or cream. To give a French provincial look, a combination of soft cream with a hint of gold is just fine. Other colors that suit this style are solid white or glossy black. If you are looking for elegance, the final touch for painting furniture should be with either layers of beeswax, which has been buffed well or high-gloss polyurethane.
Pink color painted furniture ideas
Apply white colors for painting furniture and allow it to dry up properly. You can draw some images or patterns on the painted surface using a pencil. Fill in the drawn images with suitable colors and allow it to dry under the sun, if possible. Mark the outlines of the images with the help of a dark color paint pen to make them distinct. Finally, put a coat of paint finish and wait till it dries up. Thus, your paint job is done.
furniture spray painting picture
Hope you liked the painting furniture ideas given in this article. Before concluding, I want to give you two important tips. Keep in mind that the work area should be well-ventilated as oil-based primers and paints have foul odor. When you apply the paint on the furniture, make sure you start doing it from the top and move downwards.


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