Thursday, November 15, 2012

Choosing the Right Hanging Planters Ideas to Beautify Indoors and Outdoors Spaces

What designs to opt for hanging planters in order to beautify the fences, balcony, deck and railings of your house? Well, read the post then.
Purple flower hanging planter design
Potted flowers when hung on patios, porches, entrances or indoors retain the natural beauty of your house. Lobelia, zinnia, petunia, begonia, and pansy are some of the plants that beautify your house when planted on hanging planters that are available in a wide range of designs. The conventional planters are made from wrought iron, ceramic, coco liners, etc. Hand woven baskets and metal alloy planters have become popular today.

Choosing the right kind of hanging planters is dependent upon certain aspects that will be explained in the next section.

Cool hanging planter collections
If your house has a big balcony or an extensive fencing system, then you can easily transform it into a garden by placing different kinds of planters containing colorful flowers. For this you will require deck planters, railing planters or fencing planters. The wooden sitting hanging planters or the hanging ceramic pots for railings suit this purpose. However, you can use this kind of planter only if the railings of your house are considerably broad, built with robust materials like wooden planks or concrete.
Hanging basket planters ideas
While choosing hanging planters for decks, porches and patios, make sure you buy a planter that can withstand the diverse climatic conditions. The choices are numerous when it comes to selecting outdoor garden planters. Hanging planter made from clay, metal, terracotta and resin are durable. Fiberglass planters look beautiful but they need regular maintenance and care.
decorative pots hanging planter pictures
Apart from all these designs, I would suggest you to personalize your outdoor or indoor hanging planters. You can also check out the self watering planters having the facility to pour water on the plants continuously. Color the ceramic pots yourself with hues complementing the interior or exterior of your house. Whether you have bought home a wrought iron planter or a ceramic planter or a plastic planter, make sure the planter has been secured properly and the anchor of the planter is attached tightly with the support.

Hope you liked the ideas of hanging planters both for indoors and outdoors. Take care of the plants and make it a point to clean the planters to retain the quality and luster.


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