Thursday, November 15, 2012

Choosing the Right Pantry Doors to Help You Spice Up the Kitchen Space

Adding the right pantry doors can help spice up the kitchen space and also provide the best closure to the pantry shelves.
Finished Elegant Pantry Door Picture
When you have a well designed pantry area to store and stuff the cooking essentials, the kitchen is sure to have minimal mess. With a well-organized pantry you can store food items in bulk and also place the small kitchen appliances in this area. A kitchen pantry might be right in the kitchen space or at another corner of the dining area as well. Placement of one usually varies depending upon the interior design and kitchen layout. Well designed pantry doors will not only add to the kitchen decor but also help keep the pantry space covered and hide the items stuffed in the shelves.

Here are some ideas to help you have the best designed pantry doors.

Frost glass pantry door ideas
If you have your kitchen decorated in a rustic style, than a wooden pantry door can be the best addition to be considered. You can add a simple plain door with veneer of a color that matches the kitchen cabinets or you can add a designer door as well. Wooden doors having a designer frame or border and raised up design look pretty. Have a single swing outdoor or add a double door with handles and to give it an armoire effect.
Stylish pantry door gallery
With the glass pantry door you can instantly add an elegant look to the cooking space. With a wide variety to choose from, glass doors are definitely the thing to checkout if you want to have stylish and rich looking kitchen area. If you are searching for a door to spice up the kitchen pantry cabinet, pantry doors with etched glass are the ultimate pick. Choose from a number of designs and add a unique character to the kitchen with these pantry doors.
exotic arch pantry door design
With various options available in pantry doors you can also decide the type of door opening you need. Sliding door can be best for smaller spaces. Single or double swing out doors are also great ones when the kitchen is spacious. If the pantry area is enough spacious, you can consider swing in double doors. Try to match the doors with rest of kitchen decor and maintain uniformity in terms of colors, finishes and style. You can also opt for the custom pantry doors and have a piece designed to fulfill your requirements.


  1. Wow I like the idea of the pantry doors above, its true most of us want to have a clean and big space of the kitchen so better to have that kind of dual purpose door. Keep posting!

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