Monday, November 5, 2012

The Beauty of Floating Bamboo Flooring

Nowadays, many people opt for floating bamboo flooring.
There are many types of bamboo flooring like floating bamboo flooring, carbonized bamboo flooring, engineered bamboo flooring, natural bamboo flooring, strand woven bamboo flooring, etc. In floating flooring, the floor is not nailed or glued to the sub-floor, instead, just placed over it. They can be installed in homes and offices and also in places like theaters, gaming rooms, party floors, etc., as it helps to reduce the effect of noise.
Floating bamboo flooring is a smart and creative option for home and office flooring
In floating bamboo flooring, the bamboo planks are not attached physically to the sub-floor. Instead, the planks are attached to each other by water glue or sometimes just interlocked and placed over the sub-floor as a single unit.
The sub-floor can be made up of any normal flooring material like concrete, tiles or wood. A layer of plastic and foam is placed in between the sub floor and the single unit made out of the planks. Corks made of recycled car tires can also be used as the middle layer, since it acts as a better shock-absorbing material.
Floating bamboo flooring has an advantage over the usual bamboo flooring. Since the planks form a single unit and are not attached to the sub-floor, they do not bend out of shape. Even so, it is advisable to maintain a half or one inch distance from the edges of the walls or cabinets to allow its normal expansion and contraction process.


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