Saturday, December 22, 2012

Looking the Best Tips for Do It Yourself Countertop Installation

Given below are some tips to do it yourself countertop Installation.
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The three most common types of countertops are tile, preform and solid surfaces. Their installation is quite similar even if the medium is different. Preform, which is composite wood covered with laminate, provides the easiest countertop Installation, while solid surfaces are among the most difficult.

Here, the tips of countertop Installation that you can do by yourself.

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Most experts will recommend against amateur countertop Installation of solid surfaces like granite. The installation requires specialty tools that the average weekend warrior would not have on hand, nor have experience using. The already exorbitant cost of a solid surface could be greatly increased by a slip of a saw that ruins the piece. For the average "do it yourself" homeowner, granite tiles are an attractive alternative to a solid surface.
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Preform countertop installation is the easiest choice. The preform can be cut to the correct measurements at most home improvements stores using the measurements of the old countertop, and they are the best option for cutting accurate angles for corners. Once appliances and sinks are removed from the old countertop, craft paper can be placed over it and used to trace the sink holes and any strange angles. The old countertop can then be unscrewed from below and lifted out of place.
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To finish the countertop Installation, the edges of the counter can be finished off with a choice of tile or wood. Bull nose tiles work nicely to cap off the edges, while wood stained to match the cabinetry can be quite lovely and bring the kitchen together. Once all tiles is laid, grouted and dried, wipe clean with a dry cloth and enjoy the new surface!


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