Friday, September 12, 2014

Creative Ideas for Creating the Right Tuscan Bedrooms Design

Tuscan bedrooms design evokes a rustic, serene, old world atmosphere conducive to simple living and utter relaxation.

The Tuscan decorating style is inspired by the sun-drenched, earthy, warm colors of the countryside of Tuscany, Italy. Primary components for Tuscan bedrooms design include walls in warm, earth colors; furniture in natural materials such as wood, marble and wrought iron; romantic, vintage linens and Tuscan bedding in cotton and lace; and decorative items such as terracotta flower vases or wall tapestries depicting Italian villas and vineyards.

Typically, the colors of Tuscan bedrooms designs are captured from the surrounding Italian countryside.

Tuscan furniture is weighty and solid, a testimony to traditional Tuscan family living with its emphasis on family and the pleasures of home. Avoid plastic and chrome materials; fill the space and create a focal point with a romantic bed headboard of wrought iron or wood. Appropriate lamps and other Tuscan bedroom furnishings should be crafted of ceramic or marble materials, glorified with painted olive branches or grape clusters.

Fabrics in Tuscan bedrooms designs are very simple and airy, reminiscent of the fresh Italian breezes. Tuscan bedroom linens are simple and light. Instead of a heavy quilted comforter, drape the bed with a cotton white coverlet and use white bed linens. Window treatments sometimes take a bold turn for Tuscan bedrooms design: vibrant reds or orange curtains hanging from wrought iron rods evoke the exotic Tuscan brilliance.

For uncluttered looks in Tuscan bedrooms design, keep decorative items at a minimum. A simple terracotta, copper or marble vase with wildflowers is a sweet reminder of simple country living. Instead of decorative objects, hang colorful tapestries of the Italian countryside or brilliantly colored paintings or prints of the Old World in its entire Mediterranean country splendor.

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